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Ernies Sales and Service is located in the heart of River Country, near Ellington, Missouri, between Black River and Current River. Running a boat in shallow water is not only a must, its a way of life on these rivers!
Your Shallow Water Headquarters. Specializing in Custom Built Boats

We're the ONLY dealer who sells all three leading welded river boat manufacturers. The companies listed have led the way in the most innovative design since the invention of the jon boat.

Ernies takes these basic designs and custom builds to each customer's needs. Building the very best boats is not only our business, it is our passion!

David Martin, General manager


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D Adams (2)

1852 Blazer SS Boat, 60/40hp Mercury Jet Motor

  New 2013 1852 Blazer SS Boat w/ 2 18″ Livewells, 2 Dry Boxes, Perf Alum Floor, Carpet, Front & Rear Fold-up Decks, Steering, Max 70 Minnkota Trolling Motor, Running Lights, Aerator and Bilge Pump, New 2013 60/40hp Mercury Jet Motor, 2013 Rivercraft Trailer w/Spare, Owners: Danny & Rhonda Adams, Piedmont MO



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